Why clients come to us

They want their digital efforts to generate money, not just cost money.
Their technology is spread out over disparate systems, making it inefficient & unscalable.
Their siloed teams are making technology decisions in vacuums.
They need a new website, but know that a redesign is about more than pixels.

We provide future-focused, results-driven business solutions.



What we do


Technology Consulting

Aligning people, processes, and technology is hard. We work with organizations to develop strategic foundations and implement consistent practices designed to achieve long-term objectives, and a sustainable digital culture.

Digital Strategy

The digital space is complex and always changing. We partner with organizations to develop clear digital roadmaps and user-centered experiences. Our knowledge of both the creative and technical landscapes means you get scalable, performant products that are well designed and easy to use.

Experience Design

How people feel using your product, shopping at your store, or going through your website makes or breaks your brand. Experience is everything. We don’t design a page, an interaction, or a process — we design how someone will feel.

Software Development

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Big ideas are grand and new ideas are novel, but converting them into functional interactions is what counts. Digital experiences hinge on the quality, thoughtfulness, and precision of technologists. We are those people.


What we deliver

• Market Research & Analysis

• Prototyping & Proof-of-concept modeling

• Technology Infrastructure Design

• Digital Strategy Consulting

• Interaction design & User Experience

• Digital brand identities & asset libraries

• Loyalty, retention, and engagement programming

• Customized and out-of-the-box software development

• Data & dashboard design

• Complex websites and mobile apps

• DevOps 

Elastic Process

We wrote the book on delivering digital work.

Interactive Project Management outlines our Elastic Process: a collaborative approach
to delivering high-quality interactive work from planning, through development, to ongoing maintenance and iterative improvements.

"I have been very impressed with level of strategic planning and research that Clockwork has put into our projects. Their business planning process has helped ensure that projects met defined goals. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and Clockwork has delivered for us time and time again!”  

 Minnesota State Lottery