Redesigned a website to make it faster, more secure, simpler for users, and easier to maintain

DriSteem website displayed on desktop computer

The challenge

Redesign the DriSteem website so customers can quickly and easily find what they want, admins can efficiently manage content, and site technology performs at its peak

DriSteem needed to overhaul its website experience—running on outdated technologies and complex integrations, the site was difficult to navigate, frustrating for customers, and simply underperforming. The admin team was also limited to making updates through an outside vendor and wanted more control and flexibility with content management. With everything the site had to offer, it was just too cumbersome to get things done.

What we did

  • Conducted a 12-week discovery, including a vision workshop with stakeholders, to understand their key challenges and strategic goals.
  • Developed a new sitemap and page designs based on in-depth user research and user testing—better reflecting how customers wanted to use the site and locate information.
  • Kept the BigCommerce storefront but moved the site to WordPress, making it easier for DriSteem to manage content.
  • Updated the digital ecosystem to smoothly integrate custom calculators, real-time data integrations, and robust user dashboards.
  • Migrated, refactored, and implemented automated testing to increase accuracy of a custom quoting calculator to replace a spreadsheet system.
  • Identified and resolved two major security vulnerabilities during the engagement.



Page load time reduction

F → A

Site performance score (GTmetrix)


Accessibility score (Lighthouse)

Project goals were accomplished giving DriSteem and their users a better website experience that is fast, easy to navigate, more secure, and easier to maintain.

Improved site map for better user experience
Order history user experience for manufacturing website
Manufacturing website redesign new site pages for DriSteem

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