Experience Design

Experience design is about solving real problems for real people, and it demands a human-centered approach.

As your creative and strategic partner, Clockwork asks, “What do people need to get done, and how can we design a solution that’s easy, enjoyable, and beautiful to use?” Powered by those insights, we help you solve the highest priority problems at the right time, in the most effective way. Here’s how.


User Experience (UX)

User experience boils down to the good, the bad, and the very ugly of working with a digital product or tool. If it’s clunky and confusing and leaves people frustrated, they’ll remember and they’ll tell people about it. When the UX is appealing and easy, they’ll barely notice. But they’ll also come back.

Interface Design Visual Design

Interface design is how we bring a brand to life through fonts, photography, colors, animations and other elements. It goes hand in hand with visual design. Both should make people feel good while complementing the user experience.

Customer Experience (CX)

From online to offline interactions, customer experience is the full range of how people interact with a company or brand. And guess what? When we create a digital product, tool or process, we make sure it aligns with and enhances the total customer experience your brand delivers.

Usability & Accessibility

Here’s the really cool thing: everyone benefits from optimal usability and accessibility. We follow key guidelines and best practices to ensure the digital solutions we create work extremely well for every single person. Because they should.