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Web Accessibility Checklist

Web accessibility is no longer an option. 20% of the population lives with some form of visual, auditory, cognitive, or physical disability, which means web accessibility is good for people and bottom lines. And it's not difficult to achieve! We can help. 

Learn how to make your digital projects & products web accessible with our checklist. It’s a simple framework for all team members!


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There is an opportunity for every company to undergo a digital business transformation 
to compete in today's marketplace. 

What we do

  • IT, digital, and innovation Consulting
  • Product Strategy & Development
  • Software Development
  • User Experience & Customer Experience Strategy

How you benefit

  • Ensure your digital efforts are the right ones
  • Move your products to market
  • Transform your business into a digital one
  • Identify & execute operational efficiencies
  • Pay off technical debt

On the back end, this includes everything from updating and unifying systems to modernizing 
and scaling operations. On the front end, there is ongoing loyalty and engagement programming
and the analytics to measure your efforts. 

It may not be sexy, but it’s the stuff that makes your company run. And we make it run better.


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The end of the year and the very beginning of the year often include some slow times at work. Use the lull to your advantage by refining and reviewing important aspects of your business like content, accessibility, and user personas. 

When you work in the technology industry, it's certain that you will have to learn new things frequently. That can be scary, but if you have a process for doing it, it's a lot less intimidating.