Replacing a manual spreadsheet process with an automated reporting system for franchise owners to track store success

haagen dazs retail app

The challenge

Automate a manual reporting process, streamline data from different sources, and create best practices for tracking and evaluating key metrics across franchise stores

Häagen-Dazs franchise owners and business managers relied on time-consuming, manually created spreadsheets from different data sources for tracking and reporting store performance. They needed more accurate, timely, and automated reporting in an accessible format.

What we did

  • Performed a deep-dive discovery to understand how Häagen-Dazs runs business with franchise stores and the systems they use.
  • Mapped out data formatting differences between three systems, cleaned up the data, and developed governance best practices for the future.
  • Enabled a no-dev solution that pulls Häagen-Dazs-only sales data from co-branded shops.
  • Designed a business metrics dashboard for managers and franchisees to access via HDScoops, an internal app for training, operations, and communications.  
  • Developed a series of calculations and algorithms that highlight when stores are meeting goals or need improvement for each KPI.
automated reporting technology consulting application development
person holding a mobile phone viewing the automated reporting app for haagen dazs franchise owners


↓ time

↓ errors

We improved the existing app and reporting process with less time spent on manual work resulting in fewer errors. Our client said, “Overall, I’ve had positive feedback from both shops and corporate team members… it’s a great way to evaluate the “wins” and “opportunities” from the previous month and then create a plan to improve.”

How we did it

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