Upgraded a traditional ACH payment app into a first-of-its-kind, P2P instant payment solution integrated with FedNow® and the RTP® network.

Person using the Excheq FEDNOW RTP payment app

The challenge

Utilize brand new technology to build a Instant Payments feature for an existing app by working closely with the client to resolve technology challenges and meet banking industry standards.

ExcheQ is a payment app that has supported traditional ACH transactions—electronic bank-to-bank transfers that are finalized on a next-business-day basis. They wanted to upgrade the experience and committed to being the first-to-market with a cutting-edge, person-to-person (P2P) Instant Payment feature that sends money in real-time without the need for third parties or additional accounts. Making it happen called for a clear technology roadmap, a redesign of administrative functions, and a partner who could quickly learn new industry requirements.

What we did

  • Quickly immersed in and absorbed knowledge of banking industry standards and procedures.
  • Added specially designed testing scripts allowing us to identify and resolve inconsistencies between existing and new API environments.
  • Handled changes to API flow with high responsiveness and real-time collaborations with stakeholders.
  • Integrated the Instant Payments feature with ExcheQ’s partner, Open Payment Network (OPN), to make calls to FedNow® and the RTP® network.
  • Developed an automated pipeline that builds code, tests the build, and publishes the new code automatically in approximately five minutes.
  • Provided the client with a fully functioning app that can be used to secure funds from partners and potential investors, growing the app’s market share.
On-screen code representing the P2P Instant payments feature integrated with FedNow and RTP
User using the first consumer software to integrate with FedNow


Instant transfer

Upgraded experience from traditional, 1-3 day ACH transactions to real-time P2P Instant Payments

First Mover

First consumer software on the market to integrate with FedNow®

The Instant Payment feature is bolstered by a robust security solution, automated pipelines, and rock-solid test framework.

“Clockwork’s ability to learn and adapt quickly distinguishes them from the competition. They’re not stuck with preconceived ideas that don’t change. Instead, they’re always expanding the knowledge of the product they’ve inherited and the business segment where it lives.”

Ryan McNaughton via Clutch reviews

Secretary & Treasurer, ExcheQ

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