Maintenance & Support

We want our clients to be as self-sufficient as possible when it comes to digital solutions.

Sometimes we provide support to handle unexpected challenges, and other times we work with clients to proactively plan for upcoming transitions or changes.



Monitoring gives us visibility into the health of your website or app — if it’s running slow, getting an onslaught of traffic, or has a new security risk — so we can inform and advise you about any areas we may need to focus on.


Everyone loves an update, don’t they? With maintenance, we proactively update websites and apps to the newest versions. It’s not just about security but also enabling new features. And as a Clockwork client you don’t even have to think about it.


Once a project is up and running, Clockwork clients have a bucket of support hours they can dip into when they need to change or address something that can’t be done with their content management system. But we like it when they call just to say hi, too.

Data-informed enhancements

Monitoring, maintenance and support gives us a lot of insight to work with. When data about user experience or functionality tells us we need to improve something, we make data-informed enhancements to keep your digital products working their best.