Multinational Food Company

Leading a multinational food company’s transformation to a customer first, digital culture, one business division at a time.


The challenge

Lead digital transformation to embed a customer-first mindset across the organization

A multinational food corporation* recognized the need to move from siloed business units focused on individual goals to a more unified organization that put customer experience first. The leadership knew that shifting to a customer first mindset informed by design thinking would improve their culture and performance.

What we did

  • Led work with internal teams, agency, and vendor partners to implement digital product initiatives 
  • Demonstrated change management, work culture modeling, and team facilitation tasks to help individuals and groups think and execute using a customer first mindset
  • Shepherded the customer first strategy from an idea to an integrated reality
  • Led customer research
  • Led customer experience in several internal businesses, demonstrating a human-centered approach to product strategy and development. 
  • Implemented change management practices and communication strategy
  • Implemented user-centered design thinking


Through this initiative, we converted 10 of our client’s internal business teams to a customer first mindset.

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