Mercury Marine

A modernized product sales enablement tool for a global engine manufacturer.


The challenge

Create a sales and training solution to serve a complex, dispersed dealer network

Mercury Marine needed to increase the performance, knowledge and engagement of their global dealer network. Their legacy technology solution providing product knowledge and training was outdated, inflexible, and difficult to use and update. Dealers, located worldwide, with different language and product needs, needed detailed information about the products regardless of location or internet access.

What we did

Clockwork replaced Mercury’s outdated technology with an accessible and personalized sales enablement toolkit. This progressive web app includes personalization, multi-language and localization support, as well as product education and certification. These features are wrapped in an interface that’s easy to use and navigate for a seamless sales experience.




Adoption compared to 30% with the previous solution


Decrease in asset download time (150 minutes to just 4 minutes)

4 to 1

Four application codebases reduced to a single codebase

“I love the navigation. I can’t believe the improvement.”

Mercury Marine Global Leader

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