Introduced digital-first thinking, design, and technology consulting to digitally transform the nationally recognized Marketplace radio program.


The challenge

Grow traffic and donations for our client’s traditional media programming

Our client wanted to, first, understand if new audiences were interested in Marketplace content and, second, to discover where and how they wanted to interact with it. Digital content became the cornerstone of this research — and once they understood these new audiences, Marketplace needed to shift their culture, process, and technology to support digital content delivery.

What we did

  • Expanded mindset to enable new audiences to reach Marketplace content where they are (mobile, voice, podcasts, etc.)
  • Instilled an attitude of “digital-first” thinking to support their media production, fundraising, and digital content efforts
  • Technical planning for new Content Management System and integrations with internal systems (WordPress)
  • Developed the website’s new design system to create a compelling and modernized digital brand presence



Monthly visitors one year post launch (up from 500K)


YOY growth a year after launch


Users/month for 12 straight months (highest since 2015)

We revamped our client’s traditional culture and processes that stood in the way of innovation and transformation. We also engaged younger audiences by breaking stories into small, consumable pieces dubbed “micro-content delivery”.

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