Making a picture-perfect user experience for the leading brand in school portraits and yearbooks business.


The challenge

Modernize the Yearbook Builder customer experience to stay ahead of the competition

Lifetouch’s digital Yearbook Builder was a competitive differentiator in the photo portrait business. But over time, the tool needed to become more adaptable and scalable. Lifetouch engaged Clockwork to rethink the customer experience while creating a technical architecture and solution that could grow and scale over time.

What we did

  • Built custom software to create a more adaptable, reliable, and scalable solution
  • Created an automated user experience to simplify the work required by the customer
  • Collaborated with Lifetouch’s support team to ensure that customers needs, wants, and expectations were represented in the UX and interaction design; also partnered with the support team on usability and user testing
  • Created an unparalleled experience that works with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Collaborated with Lifetouch’s support team to ensure that the requirements, wireframes, prototypes, and design were continually enhanced to meet customer needs, wants, and expectations


Shortened distance between design and user input delivers value to customers, sooner. Reduced user complexity makes the tool easier to use and the overall experience better.

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