Developing a strategic lead generation platform that aligned people, process, and technology.


The challenge

Develop a digital experience that performs better through improved content management, smart SEO, and strategic lead generation practices

Revel + NovuHealth joined forces with Icario to create value by uniting pioneering technology, data science, and behavioral insights. Icario required a dynamic prospect and customer experience as innovative as their business model.

What we did

  • Provided a technology strategy to solve existing pain points and allow future A/B testing and personalization
  • Implemented a flexible, scalable platform that could be integrated with existing systems
  • Created a personalized experience by linking their CMS with CRM to display custom content instantaneously based on behaviors and customer segment
  • Designed a new audience experience
  • Increased speed-to-market by improving internal workflows


Personalization and higher performing content led to increased lead generation and higher conversion.

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