Otter Tail Power Company

Developing a rich understanding of the end-to-end customer journey for a rural utility company.


The challenge

Uncover and recommend improvements to Otter Tail Power’s customer experience

As an electricity provider serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers over a three-state area, Otter Tail Power (OTP) manages a large and diverse group of rural customers. With a new focus on building a stronger customer experience practice, OTP realized that they needed a strong understanding of their customers’ current experience. This includes online and offline touchpoints, from new enrollments, power outages, and paying bills to customer service calls and more.

What we did

  • Conducted employee interviews to gather an understanding of existing touchpoints and perceived customer challenges and opportunities
  • Conducted customer interviews to gather “voice of customer” feedback and insights
  • Developed customer personas and journey maps for baseline understanding of the current state
  • Created, sized, and prioritized high-level recommendations to address pain points


Our work with Otter Tail Power Company established a shared internal understanding of their core audiences and how those audiences interact with online and offline touchpoints. The customer experience strategic roadmap we created identified and incorporated prioritized areas of improvement based on outcomes.

How we did it

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