The Navigating Change Series continues with a guide to helping teams excel by empowering them to take ownership and accountability for their success during change.

This is not to say they bear sole responsibility for navigating changes. Your role, as a leader, is the harder one. You have to let go of control and enable teams’ autonomy while supporting their needs as they develop those skills. It’s a tricky needle to thread.

But we can help. In this video, a Change Strategist builds on the strategies from the first installment of our Navigating Change Series to share simple ways you can empower your team(s) to meet their potential in a fully remote environment (and once they’re back in person).

Our human-centered Change Enablement practice is a natural outgrowth of the decade-plus we’ve spent focusing on user experience and adoption of digital solutions. This video is the second in a series we’ve designed to provide practical insights and solutions for business leaders. Taken together, the series will show how to use Change Enablement strategies to address all kinds of change: organizational shifts, unexpected disruptions, transitions that accompany growth or downsizing, and adjustments that come with innovation.

Get started with the Team Working Agreement template and see an example.