Our first installment of the Navigating Change Series is focused on a timely topic for most businesses today: how leaders can support and get the best from their people now that teams are dispersed.

All change is disruptive — you know this. But you can do things to minimize the productivity “dips” that come with this disruption. In this video, Nancy outlines two key strategies that leaders can implement today to mitigate that disruption: setting clear expectations and focusing on their people.

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Our human-centered Change Enablement practice is a natural outgrowth of our decade-plus spent focusing on the user experience and adoption of digital solutions. This video is the first in a series by Clockwork designed to provide practical insights and solutions for business leaders. Taken together, the series will show how to use Change Enablement strategies to address all kinds of change — organizational shifts, unexpected disruptions, transitions that accompany growth or downsizing, and adjustments that come with innovation.

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