Clockwork and Youthprise recently partnered on a website redesign to connect better with Youthprise’s multiple audiences and to tell their story more effectively. The organization does amazing, complex work and they wanted to amplify the breadth and depth of what they do.

Founded by the McKnight Foundation in 2010, Youthprise’s mission is to champion learning beyond the classroom by combining funding, capacity building, policy advocacy, research, and modeling youth engagement. They seek to elevate youth voices in decision-making about programs, policies, research, systems, and philanthropy.

As a central business strategy, storytelling was employed to engage more productively with varied audiences, including funders, partners (organizations working with youth), as well as youths themselves. We defined clearer paths to information, used calls-to-action to lead people through the site, and clarified language for a deeper understanding of the organization.

Explore the Youthprise website.