Further’s member portal is how their thousands of members access, interact, and engage with Further’s offerings: health finance products. This is an intimate and critical part of the members’ daily lives. We recognize that and were thoughtful about how we created a front-end framework that improved the members’ experiences and strengthened Further’s technical foundation.

The Team

We worked collaboratively with Further’s developers, business analysts, and user experience teams to bring the member portal to life. As the front-end development and engineering team, we ensured that the back-end work the Further team was executing integrated efficiently with the user-facing elements.

With critical stakeholders and a diverse team giving input throughout, we were able to launch a great experience for their members on the target date.

What We Achieved, Together.

Easier content management for internal teams

It’s now easier for the Further team to manage content and changes to their system. Being flexible and responsive to what customers need is imperative, and the Further team can now do that more easily with human-centered design on the administrative side.

Optimized workflows for systematic collaboration

A team with numerous, distributed contributors means communication and clarity were key to success. We took a step back and created a development workflow that ensured efficiency and independence for individuals while still working well as a team.

A productized experience that works for their two audiences

Further serves its members, but also has partner businesses that use similar portal experiences. The portal allows Further to serve both sets of customers in a user-centered manner and improve the value they bring to their entire customer base.

An iterative approach that can adapt to the market

From the start, the team recognized that software is never done because it serves people and an always-changing market. As customer and business needs evolve, so does the digital experience. The portal was built so Further can adapt quickly to changes and meet their customers where they are.

The most important thing we accomplished was becoming a trusted and integral partner to their interdisciplinary teams. Digital products have many complex and ongoing components, and a strong team — that avoids territories and sees the common goals — is what makes the product successful.

Keep an eye out for a longer case study. If you’re interested in hearing more about our work with Further or other projects, let us know. We love to talk about big ideas and even bigger solutions.

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