We are very excited to announce that we’re finally Clockwork. You might be asking, “That’s a big announcement? You’ve always been Clockwork!” And yes, that’s true, but also not true.

First there was Clockwork Active Media Systems

When we started in 2002, we launched with the domain www.clockwork.net because the word “clockwork” resonated with us. It was a word that told a story we knew we wanted our brand to tell — it suggests reliability, performance, predictability, and trust. These embodied who and what we wanted to be.

But there were so many Clockworks. And most of them had way more money than we did. So we named ourselves Clockwork Active Media Systems. Active, media, and systems all spoke to how we solved our clients business problems and the magnitude of the solutions we provided. It fit, it made sense. But not as much sense as “clockwork.”

While there are still “Clockworks” today, we have evolved into leaders not only in the tech space, but also in the Clockwork-named space. And more than that, we have also taken deliberate, strategic steps to make that word our own.

First, we acquired the www.clockwork.com domain — and to date it stands as the largest investment in our brand assets we’ve ever made. We also worked with our attorneys to carve out space for our trademark, allowing us to now use our logo and the word Clockwork to stand alone and tell the story about what we do: strategy, design, content, and technology.

And now, we are Clockwork. Period.

We get to fully embody all that the word means for us, in the way we always intended.

We are excited for the future of Clockwork. Like time, we keep changing and progressing: We are constantly striving to be better than the day before, we are constantly striving to deliver work in new ways, and we are constantly innovating. But we are still absolutely, and entirely, an interactive agency.

Call us to design digital solutions that transform the way you do business and help you communicate, sell, and grow. With mobile, apps, immersive technologies, business systems, digital strategy, and more, we sit where marketing and technology meet.

We are still — and will always be — reliable, predictable, and trustworthy, like clockwork.