On this day, June 15, 2022, Microsoft officially ends support for Internet Explorer desktop applications. IE has been ‘retired’. 

The news about Internet Explorer might have you thinking, ‘“that was still a thing?” Maybe it brings back fond memories of the early ages of the internet, after all, IE had a monopoly on the browser market for much of the early 2000s. For developers, QA analysts, and the like, it’s a day to celebrate. Our teams certainly are! Gone are the requirements for new sites and tools to support an increasingly obsolete browser! 

We’d love to share a few sentiments from our team, as we say goodbye to our old frenemy:

“I feel like we need to have a party or something, this has been every FED’s dream for a decade+”

“Microsoft is officially ending IE 11 support. And so is Clockwork! Cheers!”

“I love this. I still feel triggered by IE6 from my PM days”

“Building an IE11 logo pinata would be logged in flex time, correct?”

“Tomorrow is the big day!!!!”

Whether this news has you experiencing nostalgia or relief, it’s a day to celebrate and/or commemorate (with memes).