In the first two Navigating Change videos, we talked about setting expectations for remote teams and then empowering those teams to make the expectations their own. In this addition to the Navigating Change Series, you’ll learn how to enable individuals to get the best out of themselves.

With simple tools and straightforward conversations, your teams and will be able to exert some control over the ways their work and home lives intersect. And in this ambiguous work environment, control is gold. Empowered and enabled, they’ll be better positioned to bring their best to their work — good for them and good for the organization. 

Our human-centered Change Enablement practice is a natural outgrowth of the decade-plus we’ve spent focusing on user experience and adoption of digital solutions. This video is the third in a series we’ve designed to provide practical insights and solutions for business leaders.

Taken together, the series will show how to use Change Management strategies to address all kinds of change: organizational shifts, unexpected disruptions, transitions that accompany growth or downsizing, and adjustments that come with innovation.

We can help.

If you need support in helping your team adapt and thrive in a remote work environment, contact us. We offer coaching, webinars, and more to support distributed teams in collaborating effectively and navigating change.