In January, Meghan McInerny, our COO, presented at the Deliver Conference in Manchester, England. The talk covered the complementary roles of managers and leaders, and why you may be a future leader (whether you know it yet, or not).

Part how-to and part rallying cry, she talked about how to level up in the job you’ve got, and how to show up for the one you want next. The original audience was primarily Project Managers, but her stories, advice, and insight can be applied (and taken to heart) across many roles.

And, she brought it all back to Lord of the Rings, like an A+ geek.

A Few Quotes

Better than any description, though, are a few quotes to get you started.

On her career path: “The thing that always got me to the next level at work was showing up as a leader before it was part of my title.”

On the difference between leaders and managers: “Leaders inspire people to move toward a vision. Managers make sure we all get there.”

On the one thing we all wish everyone would get better at: “Communicate with context and clarity. AKA: Short emails are a work of art.”

Lastly: “Lead first, title second. Do the actions before you ask for the words. Be it. Then it’s way easier to ask for what you want.”