Image credit: Entrepreneur

On November 4th, Entrepreneur Magazine announced the winners of their 2015 Top Company Cultures award. We’re happy to say that Clockwork was named the 6th medium-sized company! 6th in the country! That blew us away.

Culture has been a top priority for us since the company started nearly 14 years ago. Over the years, it has evolved, but what it feels like to work here has been constant. We’re committed to fostering that culture because it makes us better, it makes our work better, and it makes our relationships with clients and colleagues better.

As Nancy Lyons, our CEO, has said, “Our culture isn’t something we look to win awards for. This is who we are, and the award is a bonus. What’s better than the award — and more important — is that the coverage gets people to talk about work culture more generally and how to make it better for everyone.”

As part of the Entrepreneur award coverage, they wrote two articles, both featuring advice from Nancy. Take a look!

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