For the second year in a row, Clockwork won Inc.’s national Best Workplaces award. With over 1,800 companies submitting surveys, we are proud to be among the 300 organizations that made the cut.

What Makes Us (and the Other 299 Companies) So Great?

As Inc. describes in their recap, “The survey covers topics such as trust in senior leadership, career development, change management, and benefits and perks.” The range of topics demonstrates that healthy workplaces are not just about day-to-day perks or career mobility. Emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of the organization all contribute to individuals inside the organization feeling supported at work and to feeling positive about one’s workplace.

“Financial health, transparency, communication, camaraderie, and honesty are all attributes that we focus on to make things like trust and change management more effective,” states Nancy Lyons, our CEO. “We focus on the human-level things to ensure we’re resilient as an organization. We’re only as strong collectively as we are individually.”

Why These Awards Matter

We are lucky enough to regularly win workplace awards, and yet they still tell us — and others — something meaningful about Clockwork.

We’re Happy

As Shawn Archer highlights in his highly popular TED Talk, happiness inspires us to be more productive. As Lyons frequently puts it, “Happy people do good work.” If we feel good (about all parts of our life), we are more likely to be successful and work successfully. ‘Best workplace’ surveys measure happiness at work, so when we win one, we know we’re on a path to success.

We’re Engaged

Good workplace awards also measure employee engagement. Engagement is typically defined as individuals giving work their best effort, being committed to the values and vision, and wanting to contribute to the organization’s future. Basically, high engagement tells the world we care. And that goes far when it comes to service and collaboration, two essential components of our work.

We’re happily adding this award to our other 40+ work culture awards and hoping we can continue to prove that our people-first approach to business is a winning (and happy) approach.

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