Election day is not a federal holiday. Yet. Businesses remain open, and commerce happens. But Clockwork has chosen to officially make election day a paid day of service to not only give our people the freedom and flexibility they need to show up and vote, but also to allow additional time to volunteer to ensure other folks have the same opportunity.  Voting is a right and a privilege; our democracy depends on engagement to survive. Engagement looks like more than registering to vote. And at Clockwork, we encourage it.

On November 8th, 2022, Clockwork is closed. Our staff isn’t just using the time to show up and vote, but many are also serving as election judges, participating in phone banks, and volunteering to drive voters to the polls. This isn’t about us making our business political. This is about us understanding the importance of civic responsibility and participation in democracy.  And this isn’t about us jumping on any bandwagon. If anything, Clockwork is proud to have led this movement locally as one of the first businesses to officially close on all election days. 

Midterms have often seen far less participation than major elections. But, in recent years, it’s become more and more clear that there can be no throw-away elections and that even those that feel less consequential are critical. This is just one more way that Clockwork fosters a human-centered culture. The people who call themselves Clockworkers will never be in a position where they are forced to choose between their duty as citizens and their work. 

We take huge pride in how we show up for election days. And we challenge our fellow businesses to explore how they can support their people in doing the same. When businesses really step up and recognize we have responsibilities beyond selling goods and services — it’s better for all of us. We owe our people and our communities more than business as usual. 

Happy voting!