Being digital- and human-focused means we keep our eyes on how people are reacting to technology. One thing we’ve started to put more thought around when working with our clients is how we are collecting and using data that measures performance and drives innovation.

Internet users are becoming more aware that websites collect and use their data. Legislative bodies are slowly passing laws governing how websites can collect and use data (GDPRCDPR). As a result, we are considering the use of tracking and analytic tools on our clients’ websites.

We consider what data needs to be collected and choose an analytics tool to fit. This ensures our clients have what they need in order to provide the best experience for their users while growing their business. At the same time, we eliminate unnecessary information to simplify our clients’ analytics dashboards and build trust with their customers.

As the world copes with a few large corporations knowing their entire internet history, more and more users are starting to use tools like ad blockers to reduce this intrusion. Approximately 30% of web traffic has some sort of ad blocking turned on and major browsers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge have now built privacy and tracking protection technology into their core functionality. This tells us that users care about their data and it’s an opportunity to show them that you care, too.

There are many service options available to track analytics, from the big players, like Google Analytics, to self-hosted or privacy-focused services like the few listed below. No matter which service you choose, you can tailor the service to measure website use effectively while ensuring that the privacy of your consumers (constituents) is preserved.

More analytics tools you can consider:

  • Matomo – A hosted or self-hosted privacy-focused analytics platform
  • Fathom – Privacy focused analytic service
  • Simple Analytics – Cookieless service that provides website visitor analytics

We can help you investigate, implement, and customize any of these analytics tools. We can also build fully custom solutions that track just what you need and can be scaled as your business grows and changes. This can help you reduce costs and give you the peace of mind that you, and only you, control the data you collect about your customers.