It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2022. I can’t imagine I’m alone in feeling like this year literally flew by. And now here we are, staring at the front of 2023 like an oncoming truck.

There are so many tech and business topics to talk about as we head into 2023, but before we get to that, let’s talk about how grateful Clockwork is to have not only survived but thrived, in 2022. Clockwork celebrated our 20th anniversary. Over those two decades, and against all odds, our scrappy little company has evolved into a serious contender in the digital consulting space. This year, we:

Phew! And here we are, stronger and better than we’ve ever been and excited about the future.

We’re also grateful for you. For your support. For your good energy and for the promise that each relationship brings. I am grateful for the people who choose Clockwork as a place to spend and lend their time and talent and partner in ambitious digital business initiatives. Our teams are the best in the business, and our clients are gifts of trust and collaboration and change and challenge. Thank you.

Growth opportunities for 2023

In that spirit of gratitude, we’d like to share some growth opportunities for 2023. These are just a few things to look out for and consider as you strategize about the growth and success of your business. 


While we might think of eCommerce as a long-established business reality, it is still a space with plenty of room for growth for any company not already in the direct-to-consumer game. According to Statistica, “In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecasted to grow by 56 percent over the next few years, reaching about 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026.” Within these eCommerce transactions, nearly 213 billion of that is expected to be direct-to-consumer sales by 2026. Companies get more data and build connections by creating direct relationships with potential customers, among other benefits. People might browse in retail locations, but they’ll buy online. This will only be more true in the coming years. 

ePayment options

I recently had my kitchen cabinets refaced by an excellent team. After they were done, a fantastic handyperson painted my kitchen and provided some carpentry services. I paid for both services with Venmo. The lesson here is simple: by adding payment options to your eCommerce experience, you’re making it easier to make a sale. We need only think about our own behavior to validate this trend. How often do you write checks? And how often do you pay via one of the ubiquitous payment options like Venmo, PayPal, or Square?

By providing these options, you’re doing a couple of things. You’re optimizing the payment experience and encouraging sales through existing commerce relationships. Your customer doesn’t need to sign up for a new account or compromise their financial information by sharing it with yet another digital entity. You’re also ensuring the most advanced security is in play. All these services invest heavily in the safety and security of their customers’ financial data, which means that investment is not on you. Flexibility and simplicity are the keys to online sales. Building on these existing payment systems allows for all of that and more. In 2023, make a move toward easy. Your customers will thank you. And so will your sales.

Artificial intelligence

We’ve heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and business automation for years. And yet, many organizations have been slow to adopt these advanced technologies because the investment doesn’t justify the return. All of that is changing now. One significant opportunity is generative content tools like Jasper and ChatGPT. According to Econsultancy, 18% of North American marketers use AI for content creation, and 23% use it for creative and design work. While these tools can’t create perfect marketing content alone, they can help you jumpstart your content and give you a starting point to add your unique perspectives. This is good news because the amount of content necessary to drive a business toward success can be overwhelming. 2023 might be a great year to explore AI tools to reduce some of that overwhelm.

There’s so much tech on the horizon. There is always so much tech on the horizon. Along with change, confusion, and overwhelm. As always, Clockwork is here and happy to help you think about where these trends may or may not fit into your thinking. If the tech isn’t the issue, maybe your teams need attention. Our Change Strategy practice is a huge point of difference for us of which we are particularly proud. Technology changes people and processes and the way things work. Your partners at Clockwork are here to help you navigate all of it. 

There is so much in the world to be tentative about but business doesn’t need to be one of those things. With the right counsel and a solid strategy, you can realize all the growth you can imagine. We’re here to make it happen for you.

Bon Voyage 2022. And Happy New Year. Business as usual is over. The future runs like Clockwork.