My partners and I founded Clockwork to build a workplace that didn’t feel like other places we had worked. Rooting our business in values was one way we paved a different path for ourselves. We have always lived and done business by our core values. The values have evolved slightly over the years, but our commitment to them as our Northstar never has. They’ve always given us an ethical and human compass that transcends technology or a scope of work and provides the momentum to propel every relationship we’ve built.

As I look back at 2023, I realize that our values don’t just hold Clockwork together. They are no longer just our values—our clients have adopted them, too. Our client teams also tell the truth and work to keep their promises; just like us, they are also fueled by the challenges we work on together and are curious about the opportunities ahead. Whether they are explicitly committing to them as we do, they are living by them, and that allows us to be in real relationships grounded in character, not just business. 

In an industry where we could be guided only by business and numbers, our clients are not transactional. We are in this together. And that feels like a relief right now as our world feels increasingly divisive, stressful, and, frankly, difficult. Work shouldn’t be everything, but when it has deeper meaning through these real relationships, it certainly makes the time we spend at work better, and the work we do together better. These relationships give our work purpose, and I am grateful to the clients who make that possible. 

The existential crisis many of us are feeling right now is also affecting organizations. As a company, we’ve asked ourselves some big questions and looked for deeper meaning and purpose amidst the stress and constant change. It’s pushed us to strive for growth that isn’t about size or revenue. We looked for ways to grow what work can mean to us, increase opportunities that reflect our purpose, and deepen the impact our values have on us and our clients. Our ambition has always been to evolve, not just in what we do—like emerging technologies and innovation. We also want to evolve our wisdom, awareness, sensitivity, and influence. We aspire to be more than a business of numbers; we aim to be a force for good in our industry, in our market, and beyond. And because of our clients and community—because of you—we’re able to do that. For that, we are profoundly grateful.

As we celebrate the end of 2023, I want to cherish and nurture the trust and values that bind us. You’re helping us build a community of clients and Clockworkers grounded in care and mutual respect. At a time when there is so much negativity, conflict, and lack of agreement, the idea that our values can become our collective purpose, push us all toward success, and help us find meaning in each other might just be the thing that saves us all.

So thank you—to our readers, community, clients, and staff for being an essential part of our journey and trusting us with your time, your ideas, and your business. 2024 is an opportunity for us to lean into each other more, deepen our relationships and connections, and exhibit our values in the most meaningful, productive, and change-making ways. I hope in 2024, we will all continue on our shared path of growth and innovation but also make a positive impact on the world, whether it be through the work we do, the attitudes we bring to the table, or the spirit of the Clockwork values imbuing everything we do.