How we make a difference

We’re an agency and small business, but more than anything we’re citizens, and committed to being good citizens in the community around us. We’ve started programs, hired interns, do pro bono work, host events, start conversations, and give financially to sponsorships and donations.

We try to give equally of time, attention, money, and effort to help organizations and people.

Badge committing to the MN Tech Diversity pledge

Started the MN Tech Diversity Pledge

We started the MN Tech Diversity pledge in 2016 as a public and intentional act to commit to diversity as not only as a numbers goal, but also as a topic of conversation and attention.

It is a way for companies to identify as an ally in the movement to create a more diverse and inclusive technology industry in our community. To date, over 150 local companies have joined us. The pledge is not an end in itself, it’s the beginning of action and change.

Support our community

Whether via time, money, or space, we’ve partnered with the organizations below over the last few years to make our world a little better one day at a time.