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Creating a web experience as exceptional as their technology.

Specific Content to Specific Customers

Sightpath has a wealth of information and resources for prospective and current customers. In fact, this is huge part of their brand experience. We put the power of creating and sharing that into their hands. Our templates and improved CMS give them the flexibility to communicate strong, concise messaging to prospects and deliver tailored content to existing customers, while staying true to the new, unified design.

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Sightpath Medical Truck
Homepage User Interface

Laser Focused Usability

Content is great, too much content can be overwhelming. Sightpath’s primary business goal is to sell their services, so the site has to convert their site visitors from prospective to actual customers. We achieved this through simplified navigation, clear calls-to-action, and centralized resources, all giving decision makers the tools they need.

Mobile Readiness

Like many businesses, Sightpath has seen an ever-increasing number of mobile site visitors each year. Transforming their site into a responsive design that told their story consistently was key to maintaining business growth. Now, every part of a visitor’s experience looks great and functions intelligently across devices.

Shopping Process

Like Clockwork.

Medical marketing is complex, but that’s exactly how we like it.
With Sightpath, we started by defining business objectives and articulating the specific challenges that they face. These guided our the goals and parameters for the projects, and the outcomes. Together, we created a streamlined, effective marketing and business tool for both Sightpath and their customers.

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