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As the parent company of popular food brands Just BARE Chicken and Gold’n Plump, GNP Company had multiple digital properties that needed refinement. We moved from a closed-source CMS to an open-source CMS that met current, as well as future growth, goals. We made the fulfillment process much more robust, improved the workflow, and greatly simplified the process of managing product information.  

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A series of promotions achieved both engagement and education, and showed GNP’s audience how to see the company’s products in new and exciting ways. Sweepstakes, quiz campaigns, and other loyalty strategies have increased brand awareness within their target markets and improved knowledge around their mission of healthy food, families, and farms.


We optimized their digital properties to improve performance, speed, usability, and responsiveness. We migrated their technology from Cold Fusion to Drupal and Pantheon and created mobile-friendly experiences across the board for a unified experience across browsers, devices, and brands, all with security and stability in mind.

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Like many clients, our relationship with GNP Company started out as a large, single project and has grown leaps and bounds from there. Over the three-year-and-counting partnership, we’ve helped them elevate their digital business and improve their internal operations. We’ve brought offline customer, consumer, and employee experiences with GNP Company together with online ones and improved their technological foundation for better performance and speed.

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