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Connecting curious consumers with cool glasses.


Your 'bobs are a peek into your personality. Giving the e-commerce experience a little sass was a natural extension of eyebobs' “irreverent and slightly jaded” brand message.

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Creating a fresh, edgy look while maintaining clear and consistant e-commerce conventions took the experience over the top and resulted in an increase in conversions. Delightful!


The ability to easily narrow many choices down to the right frame for you, and then get a close-up look at your selection, is key to this e-commerce experience.  Check out our own Geek Girl frames!

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We keep our eyes on our clients' goals.

Engaging consumers and satisfying customers is how eyebobs sells glasses and fosters advocacy. Everything we do for eyebobs is dedicated to bringing those business values — and their unique voice and attitude — to the online experience. Now that the consumer experience has that trademark eyebobs zing, we're hard at work on creating an experience that makes wholesalers just as happy. 

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