Keeping houses secure requires thoughtful, comprehensive app technology.


DragonFly is a home security monitoring app on the front-end, and an entire platform on the back-end. In all, the system includes the app for web, iOS, and Android; ecommerce and monitoring subscription management; and auxiliary sites for B2B and B2C sales customized for channel partners and soon-to-come localization.

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New Opportunities

RSI Technologies came to us with an existing product: video surveillance hardware. But now they wanted to develop a DIY service to directly serve consumers. We designed and developed the mobile app and the application server that integrates with software developed by RSI. We also integrated with 3rd-party technology to assist the business processes such as CRM fulfillment and sales tax. This created a reliable and seamless experience for their customers and their business.

Security and Stability

Given that security itself is DragonFly’s business, the products and systems have to be among the most secure and stable out there. We designed and tested the app technology to have an extremely high uptime with its fault tolerant system. Everything from background processing to API services have been tested under heavy loads and is configured to automatically scale up to add more server resources during times of high-demand, and to then scale back down to save the client on hosting costs.


Technology that has grown through partnership.

Our work with DragonFly and RSI Technologies is a tale as old as time: They came in with a contained website project that grew into a complex, technological ecosystem as our partnership and collaboration grew. Over the partnership, our work has included everything from brand identity to cloud migration to complicated, industry compliant ecommerce to language localization. Ideas were shared, strategies evolved, and now we’re looking at a bigger and brighter future with RSI and Honeywell, who acquired RSI in Spring of 2016.

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