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Partnering with 3M Global eTransformations on a cross-device application for global teams and executives.



3M had a global initiative that required cross-team communication and task tracking. The project management visualization tool we built allows stakeholders to see key digital project data in a variety of ways. They can easily drill down into people, timing, status, and more, for different view, within projects and across divisions and business groups. The visual aids are flexible, customizable, and have permission setting to control information sharing.

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Starting with initial feature requirements, we worked closely with 3M to rapidly design, develop, and usability test the application as we went. This prototyping approach ensured frequent deliverables to validate features and functionality.



Quality assurance is valuable and indispensable part of our process on every project. The customized process we created for Pace required testing for every cycle to ensure added functionality worked seamlessly. The rigorous and progressive test plans matched the phased development and iterative approach. 

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Rapid prototyping, feature iteration, and cyclical usability testing all contributed to a successful collaborative process. It allowed the client to see up-to-the-week results and progress while giving our team immediate feedback on new development. The visualizing tool was a perfect match to a nimble approach. 

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