Michele is a natural people person, and in her role as Director of Experience she has a dual, human-centered mission: to bring on new talent and to oversee Clockwork team dedicated to supporting Clockwork as a client. She is a pro at following instincts and following rules in the people space, and occasionally — intelligently and creatively — breaking the rules, too. In a nod to her efficacy and service approach to work, she commented, “It’s really important to just get out of people’s way. The people I work with are so talented that all I really need to do is connect them to someone else, or make a suggestion, and then move…”

Her big view of organization and her drive to constantly improve make her great at creating effective internal systems and supporting professional development company-wide. She is an integral part of Clockwork’s diversity and inclusion operations and volunteers at many of the events we host or sponsor.

Headshot of Michele Lamppa