Lyz is Clockwork’s chief weaver of words and master of tasks. Officially, she is Director of Communication, which is to say that she knows what you meant and will help you figure out how to say it better. Her bachelor’s degree in an esoteric subject from the University of Chicago led her to an equally esoteric master’s degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, but at heart she is equal parts pragmatist and big thinker.

She is also an obsessive problem-solver. Lyz currently manages Clockwork’s internal and external communications. Basically, if it’s about Clockwork and in words, she had something to do with it. Outside of Clockwork, she can be found in Austin, Texas (remote working FTW!) dorking out on art and design, hearing live music, or reading. Lyz is also on the Board of Directors at the Wheatsville Food Co-op.