"Scrivner "
Front End Developer

Q&A: What is the biggest reward of working at Clockwork?

I love the flexibility and the people. The flexibility allows me to maintain a good family life and the people help you figure out solutions; they don’t think you’re stupid for not knowing something. 

John can usually be found plugging away at his desk listening intently to music rather than enjoying a beer at the kitchen table. He’s not anti-social, he just loves his job and wants to spend his days making every Clockwork site as amazing as possible. John’s work history runs the gamut from salesman to bill collector to delivery guy and each position has contributed to his success at Clockwork.

Aside from formal education at the Art Institutes of Minnesota, he learned a lot of his web skills from playing around in IE while on the phone as a bill collector. Ironically, he ended up as a Front-end Developer who hates talking on the phone. John spends most of his free time playing with his kids and enjoying his family.