Move quickly and intelligently

We offer customized workshops to fit the unique challenges of your business. That personalized approach is what makes our workshops time well-spent: everything we do is driven by your goals and objectives. With your team, our facilitators, and a whole lot of Post-Its, you’ll be amazed at what gets done.

Our workshops

Innovation strategy workshop

We understand the challenge of innovation. It’s more than developing a new technology or toolset, it’s about embracing divergent thinking and adopting new mindsets. We use consultative techniques like capability evaluations, SWOT analysis, and technology audits. And then we dive into prototyping/proof of concept validation, business model canvases, and design sprints with your team.

Our combination of consulting and workshopping will help you identify what inhibits innovation within your company, and start to create change.

This workshop can help you:

  • Visualize your current business model and develop potential directions for future models.
  • Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Customer experience workshop

Business is driven by relationships. And customer experience is the key to building and sustaining successful relationships. We work with teams to reshape the way they see the customer. We use a design thinking, empathy-based framework to create customer personas, build detailed journey maps, and identify new ways of looking at your business in a people-centered way.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or rethinking a current approach, we’ll bring you closer to your customer.

This workshop can help you:

  • Identify friction points and opportunities within your customer journey.
  • Grow empathy for customers.

Design-thinking workshop

These team-oriented workshops will get your people energized around problems and obstacles, engaging everyone in human-centered thinking for business. By focusing on creative problem solving and idea sharing, we’ll get your entire team invested and participating in uncovering new solutions. Best of all, you’ll get real-world ideas.

This workshop can help you:

  • Align team members around a shared solution
  • Get actionable insights your team can apply quickly

Digital culture and transformation workshop

We know that transformation isn’t a one-off project, it’s an ongoing process. The challenge that many companies face isn’t technology itself, it’s aligning their organization with a modern, digital vision. From communication to team structure, your work culture has to mirror the business outcomes you seek. Our culture and transformation workshops help identify where people, processes, or tools may be working against your digital strategy and inhibiting results.

This workshop can help you:

  • Develop an organizational pyramid to identify the areas where you can make improvements with impact.
  • Learn how Agile can help your organization move faster and quicker to respond to change.

Our workshops jump right into the things that improve business. From big-picture strategy to opportunities alignment. And the quick, collaborative style of working really resonates with both leaders and teams.

Nancy Lyons, CEO

Why Clockwork?

Our UX experience

Our solutions reflect our culture: We are customer-focused. We apply human-centered solutions to the challenges you’re facing. Focusing energy on people helps fuel ideas that produce results for your business.


Custom, creative, innovative

We develop custom approaches to collaboration no matter the industry. Once a workshop is complete, we can help implement the strategies and transformational ideas. From new digital tools to new processes, our innovation teams are ready to turn actions into outcomes. 


Digital ecosystem

We know that the modern business is fueled by digital success — and we are all about digital. Our teams are forward-thinking, and we work with you to develop a connection between your digital ecosystem and customer experience.