Accessibility is woven into every project we do. We recognize accessibility as an inseparable part of any digital experience and we take this into account every step of the way.

Creating accessible digital experiences is key to inclusivity and it’s an integral part of what it means to have digital done right.

Our approach to accessibility

Accessibility is not a checklist, but a practice and a mindset

Digital accessibility is a continuous practice involving technology, design, and content. Practicing accessibility means being aware of and being empathetic to people from all life experiences.

Accessible practices are opportunities, not limitations

Accessibility does not mean ugly design. We celebrate the beauty of accessible designs.

Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

We know that in order to build successful and valuable solutions, we must create experiences that can be used and enjoyed by all people. Along with reaching individuals with an accessibility issue and building advocates for your brand, it also reduces risk for legal action.

ADA, Section 508, and WCAG compliance

Our extensive experience working in highly regulated industries, such as nonprofit and government, has allowed us to create a strong accessibility practice and accrue several accessibility certifications. We leverage WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and usable experience for ALL people.

How we work with clients on digital accessibility

We believe it is important to design for accessibility in every part of the project, from design and content planning through launch and ongoing site maintenance.

With each engagement, we partner with clients to define their accessibility requirements and establish an on-going practice to maintain accessible experiences.

Talk to us about partnering on accessibility
  • Defining digital delivery compliance with ADA, Section 508, and WCAG-2 AA guidelines
  • Conducting accessibility reviews using industry-standard evaluation tools
  • Manually testing via keyboard and screen readers
  • Developing a governance framework
  • Providing training to establish an internal accessibility practice within our client’s team

Our commitment to accessible, inclusive experiences

We commit to helping our clients create experiences that are inclusive and welcoming for everyone. Our human-centered approach helps us make digital experiences that are accessible from the beginning.

Provide exceptional experiences for all your customers

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