Digital product and customer experience design

Experiences define your brand

Designing a successful customer experience is essential in today’s market. When customers interact with your website, app, digital product, or service, how they feel about it reflects on your brand. So, designing a thoughtful customer experience from beginning to end is important to the success of your digital efforts. You need a partner that can think through customer experience design in a human-centered and business-centered way. That’s us.

How we approach customer experience design and product strategy

We develop clear roadmaps to produce user-centered digital experiences and strategies. We take the vision and make it into a working reality. Our balance of creative and technical chops means you get scalable, high-performing products that are well designed and easy to use.

In the end, we don’t design a page, an interaction, or a process. We design how someone will feel.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy is both art and science. Our user experience architects, software engineers, and designers work together to create a unified vision of your digital ecosystem (the art). And then systematically develop a path to get you there (the science).

Whether it’s streamlining legacy systems or building from-scratch products — we strategically align your technology with your business.


Customer experience design

We craft experiences that center on humans. We put the people who interact with your technology at the core of our strategy. Our design approach aims to continually improve and align your business with user needs and expectations.

Designing a customer experience from a human perspective distinguishes your products and digital experiences from others. Why? Because it’s easier to use and is created with every facet of the user in mind. We even have Clockworkers who are certified in digital accessibility to ensure we adhere to best practices.

Product development strategy

Perhaps you know exactly what you want to build, or maybe you have an idea of what you want to achieve, but are unclear about how to get there. We’ve helped clients refine their products to develop a clearer, more business-focused product strategy. We’ve also helped clients see the forest through the trees to create a user-centered product.


Our core Product Development focus areas

Digital product strategy

Digital product design

Digital product development

Go to market strategy

“I’m very thankful for your team. You are some of the smartest people I work with. Smart about how you approach work, articulate, discover, design, and deliver. Thank you!”

Amitav Singh, Manager of Application Development & DevOps, Further

Immersive and experiential design

Immersive digital experiences are an effective way to connect in-person interactions with your digital ecosystem. You can use them to drive sales, highlight products, or showcase your brand in new ways. Also, experiential designs can just be really cool.

We use an array of technology to generate a unified back and front-end experience. We can create interactive screens that respond to movement and activity around them or program sequences that drive home brand messaging.

UX and Content strategy

Our history with user experience architecture and content goes way back. We were user-centered from the get-go, and we’ve only gotten better. Our approach to UX and content strategy balances the business requirements and user needs. It’s about creating clarity, and conversions.

The unity of what to say where, and how it all looks for the user, is as important as the technology you choose.

Why Clockwork?

Our people-first strategy

When it comes to our work, our relationships, and our work culture, our strategy is simple: put people first. Our human-centered products and services connect with real people’s needs, goals, and habits. By focusing on people in our relationships and our technology, we design effective experiences, not just apps.


R&D experience

We partner with product teams on go-to-market research and development. We help refine product strategies, and supporting business strategies, to align with objectives. We use a series of tools like design-thinking workshops, customer experience mapping, and usability testing to refine existing products and uncover new opportunities for your business.


Technology expertise

As you plan and design product roadmaps, it’s critical that you can implement whatever you’re planning. Our interdisciplinary teams create achievable plans based on smart technology and bold thinking.

Let’s design, build, and ship together

Our innovation teams are standing by ready to partner on your awesome idea.