Change enablement

Adoption is key to ROI

This project’s success is riding on our people working differently. If they don’t, we won’t see the increased revenue we’d planned on.

Sound like you?

If so, don’t just focus on what’s new. Focus on enabling your team to run with it.

Together, we can make people excited about adopting a new way of working. By selecting communication, training, and adoption efforts that make sense for your business, we’ll reduce the productivity dip (and possibly the flight risk) that comes with change.

change enablement ensures increased business effectiveness


Without change enablement practices, expect a much slower (and possibly less robust) return on your investment.

We tailor solutions to best fit your needs.

We don’t just deliver technology. We take a 360-degree view of your organization to align people, processes, and tools to help you get the most of the solutions we build together.

Let's find the solution for you

Our Approach

We apply UX thinking to traditional change management techniques. This creates change enablement strategies that are people-centered and results-driven. And that means happier employees and a more successful business.

We answer questions like:

  • “How do we get people to want to use this new process after 10 years of doing it the old way?”
  • “How do I get my team to adopt our new technology?”
  • “How do we make sure we keep the best staffers (and keep them performing well) while we make a massive business transformation?”

Why Clockwork

Equal engineering and strategy chops

Many agencies lean heavily on one side of the technology/strategy spectrum. Maybe they have great ideas, but their execution is not as thorough. Or perhaps their technology engineers are so focused on code, they don’t see the strategic opportunities. We balance these skills so every piece of technology has a robust and clear strategic value to it. We don’t just see the big picture, we create it.

We’re technology objective

We don’t prefer one technology over another. We’re experts in software development not in a specific platform. We match your business need with the problems we’re solving for you. You won’t get a prescribed solution or a recommendation that doesn’t make sense for your people and processes.

We don’t tech-splain

We speak in a language that everyone on the team can understand. We focus on “the how” to communicate about technology, our ideas, and business in a way that aligns teams.


We go beyond a putting a comms plan in Excel and drafting some emails.

We find out what people need to know, why they should care, where they’ll look for information, and who they trust to tell them the truth.

Then, we help you make the case for change in clear, thorough, and ongoing ways that will resonate with your teams.


For any change to take hold, people have to know what their leaders expect from them and feel confident that they can meet those expectations.

We use real-life scenarios to help teams learn how to think, work, and collaborate in the new environment created by a change.

We design trainings that fit with learners’ schedules. We structure them to best match adult learning styles. And, we schedule them to manage cognitive load so team members really absorb the information.

Leading Adoption

Change is a leadership function. Without a leader’s vision and strategy for change, projects are dead in the water. We help you take your vision and make it a reality for your team, your business, and your bottom line.

Managing Resistance

There will always be resistance to change; that’s not a bad thing. The biggest mistake you can make is not planning for it. We help you prepare to lead your people through their resistance and to turn haters into advocates.


New technology is exciting when it launches and is constantly evolving thereafter, along with the processes related to it. How will you keep them from devolving into a tangled mess of tech and systems? By having strong governance and clear roles and responsibilities from the start.

Change Champion Network

A group of people committed to supporting their colleagues can make any change better. We help you identify the right folks, define their scope, and facilitate their initial meetings. From there, we collaborate with them to make the change successful.

Strategy Facilitation

Sometimes the best thing we can do is get out of our own way and get fresh eyes on a problem. We do this at Clockwork and are ready to do it for you. Bring us in to facilitate small and large strategy sessions. Using workshops, stakeholder interviews, priority and journey mapping, and other techniques, we help you fully define the challenge, its opportunities, and the next steps to take to make the most of them.

Organizational Transformation

Whether you’re downsizing, adopting an Agile methodology, making a digital transformation, or addressing any of the major business evolutions in your company’s future, we’ll work with you to define scope and strategies for the logistical elements (articles of incorporation, boards of directors, HR policies) and human components (organizational and reporting structure, hiring/laying off) — and help you manage the day-to-day while you put the transformation in motion.

Let’s ensure lasting results, together.

From your website to your business processes, we drive solutions that empower people.