Raising a family in today’s fast-paced digital society can leave parents and caretakers feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and confused. Anyone with kids — or who spends time with kids — has struggled to find a balance with technology. Our upcoming Cyber Civics workshop can help you address some your questions and concerns about the role technology plays in your family’s life.


In partnership with the workshop facilitator Soni Albright, we have put together a list of common questions heard from parents about how to integrate technology with the rest of their life:

  1. What do children really need, developmentally, from parents and caregivers?
  2. What values are most important to me and my family (i.e. health, safety, life balance, ethics, moral expectations)? What values are most important to impart upon my child(ren)? 
  3. How is our current relationship to technology helping or hindering? What works for my family, and what doesn’t?
  4. What kind of digital parent am I?
  5. How do I have meaningful conversations with my children and other family members about technology use and what it means to be a responsible digital citizen?


These are big questions that nearly everyone considers. Even adults ask them about their own relationship to technology, but we often don’t spend time contemplating them. They can be difficult to answer on our own and there are so many opinions that it’s hard to know where to start researching.


During the Cyber Civics interactive workshop, we’ll use these questions to inspire discussions about important topics of interest like gaming, social networks, privacy, and screen time. You’ll leave the workshop having shaped a framework you can use to create a Family Media Plan personalized to your family’s needs and values. We hope you join us!

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