Don't have a wood burning stove? Just smell this wallpaper and you'll get a wiff of that delicious wood burning scent!

As the team at Clockwork continues to expand, we have released our initial plans to expand our building.

30 Years Wallpaper Thumb

A tribute to the 30-year anniversary of a classic film.

Take a moment to reflect with this fall sunset wallpaper.

An homage to the things my family and I enjoy at the Minnesota State Fair and an attempt to figure out "how they did that."

This month’s wallpaper was designed by our Interaction Design intern Keith Catalano. He’s a great fit, a fact made only more obvious with his wallpaper selection, described below in his own words.

Grillin' in Minn.

Last winter, we lived through more than 50 days with highs below zero. And so I turned to the 50s — the 1950s — as inspiration for my June wallpaper that features one of Minnesotans most-embraced summertime activities: grilling.

At Clockwork, we like to visualize data in novel ways. We hope you’ll enjoy this visualization of our application cluster’s overall traffic and speed.

Forget about the Polar Votex. Spring in Minnesota means rain, flowers, thunderstorms, blue skies, and lots of pale legs. 

A selection of Clockwork wallpapers

We’ve been creating our wallpapers for a few years now. In that time they’ve become a favorite part of the content Clockwork creates: Clockworkers love to make them, and people love to use them. Read more about them.

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