Learn why the Content First approach is the difference between a well-planned, on-budget digital experience and a delayed launch requiring more work and more budget.

Google will soon penalize websites that use interstitials — those windows that pop up before you can even get to a site's content. This could change promotional strategies. For the better. 

There isn’t one list of truths that we can use to create it, but there are a lot of good resources for us to lean on to think intelligently, humanly, and creatively about what we’re making.

It is really easy to get caught up in the shiny and new and forget that while we’ve all been talking about these changes for months, our users were out there using the old with absolutely no idea that everything is going to change on them tomorrow. Depending on what type of project you have, these new vs. redesign situations may both need to be considered, and these users probably need to be met with different solutions.

Google Analytics is no longer a web analytics tool: It is a business analytics tool. The system now has the potential to go beyond the web and dip its toes into an organization's entire ecosystem. 

We tell clients to always be clear about what they do, whether it’s on their website or in marketing materials or conversation. We’re taking our own advice and doing the same: being clear about what a digital agency does.

A lot of people have been talking about healthcare.gov. For me it's an opportunity to reinforce an important lesson I’ve learned after working on hundreds of technology projects: the key to a successful project is a process that facilitates honest, open communication. 

Of all the types of site traffic, direct traffic seems like the most straightforward, but it's actually the most misleading. Here's the scoop.

What does “content strategy” mean as a line item in our project proposals? What do clients mean when they ask for “content strategy”?

Think about how people usually approach analytics. Either they segment data, looking for clues and connecting dots, or they develop key performance indicators (KPIs) in advance and react to what it spits out. Each of these have drawbacks.

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