Learn why the Content First approach is the difference between a well-planned, on-budget digital experience and a delayed launch requiring more work and more budget.

It is really easy to get caught up in the shiny and new and forget that while we’ve all been talking about these changes for months, our users were out there using the old with absolutely no idea that everything is going to change on them tomorrow. Depending on what type of project you have, these new vs. redesign situations may both need to be considered, and these users probably need to be met with different solutions.

Content strategy involves many aspects and deliverables related to strategic content planning and execution, and its responsibilities can be shared by people in various roles. So, what are the specific things we categorize under “content strategy,” when do they occur, and why are they important?

Our year in numbers features totals from 1 to 29 trillion. Curious? Read all the fun details.  

What does “content strategy” mean as a line item in our project proposals? What do clients mean when they ask for “content strategy”?

Curious how we get from project kickoff to finished creative? Let's take a look at some parts of the creative process here at Clockwork using a site that we launched not too long ago, Tours Abroad.

My dearest IE,

Yo, dude.

Dear Internet Explorer,

Over the last eleven years our relationship has been, well, rocky. IE6 has caused daily problems, requiring extra style sheets and conditional content to handle its idiosyncratic, disgraceful ungraceful rendering of code. IE7 and IE8 — while steps in the right direction — didn't heal the damage IE6 had already done.  

Today, as I installed IE9 to test our clients' existing sites, I was wary.

Confab 2011 is happening on May  9-11 right here in Minneapolis! This conference is an incredible opportunity for anyone who views content as a valuable business asset.  If you’re already familiar with content strategy, then perhaps you don’t need to keep reading. Just consider this a helpful heads-up that you don’t want to miss this conference, and you certainly don’t want to miss early registration (the deadline is January 20). See you there!

If you don’t know much about content strategy, or you’re not quite sold on its value, then let me explain why learning as much as possible about it is well worth your time.

On Thursday night, 11/11, Clockwork hosted the monthly meeting of the Usability Professionals' Association - MN Chapter. In addition to it being the monthly event, it was also World Usability Day - a day set apart to promote the field dedicated to making things easy to use. This year's topic was "Communication" - and who better to hear about communication from than a well-respected leader in this field, Kristina Halvorson. Kristina spoke on what she's passionate about: "The Real Deal: Content Strategy."

Yeah, you heard me. Kiss ‘em! Don’t get me wrong – I love apps. But, too many marketers are mistaking "There's an app for that" for a true mobile marketing strategy.

The emergence and rapid adoption of apps have given mobile the attention that it deserves, but overall they’ve given marketers and brands the wrong impression when it comes to mobile strategy.