When I was trying to think of a theme for August, I was naturally drawn to the Minnesota State Fair. My family and I love the fair. While we love a whole bunch of things about the fair, the most important thing we enjoy is the time we get to spend together.

I then remembered the new fyi network rebrand and how much I was in awe of the concept and execution. It is just plain fantastic. The twists and turns they could give it are limitless and the dimention that the foundation provides is perfect for a presentation on screen. On top of that, the use of singular colors allow it to look and feel very different with just a main color change. That helps to align the television shows on the network, while still being able to give them their own “brand” through the chosen color. Also…hand-drawn type. Bonus points for sure. 

This wallpaper brings those two disparate things together — it’s both an homage to the great get together and an attempt to figure out “how they did that.”

More amazing graphics from the rebrand:



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