This month’s wallpaper was designed by our Interaction Design intern Keith Catalano (not be confused with 1990s TV sensation Jordan Catalano). Keith has jumped right in and helped several project teams. He’s a great fit, a fact made only more obvious with his wallpaper selection, described below in his own words.

“Having just started relatively recently at Clockwork, I am only now becoming acclimated to everything. However, in the brief time I have been here I have witnessed a tremendous work ethic and dedication to quality — both of which are company-wide core values.
I chose this quote by Theodore Roosevelt because not only is it so true, it really struck me as something that Clockworkers live and embrace. That makes me all the more excited to be here.
So keep working hard, because what you’re doing matters! Just don’t forget to go out and enjoy the beautiful July weather.” 


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