Each month, we post a new, downloadable wallpaper that you can use on your desktop, tablet, and phone, or as your Facebook cover image. We’ve been creating these for a few years now and in that time they’ve become a favorite part of the content Clockwork creates: Clockworkers love to make them, and people love to use them. 

What they are

They’re like pretty, little digital presents. A designer, front-end developer, or anyone else who wants to take the reins, designs a graphic. The rules are simple: it has to include the Clockwork logo (yes, every now and then we indulge in a little self-promotion). Other than that, the sky’s the limit.* Designers have used everything from local events and daily musing to seasons and holidays as their jumping off point. To accompany the imagery, the creator also writes a short blog post describing their inspiration and giving downloaders some context for their design.

Why we do them

We have a ton of creative people here, and every day they get to work on amazing client work. But sometimes we like to flex our skills and creativity outside project constraints. That’s where the monthly wallpapers come in. With only one rule, the creator can go in any direction she wants and can use whatever means to get there. They can experiment with imagery, techniques, style, and even sometimes technology. The bonus for the rest of us is that we get to see and hear from our pool of creative brains.
Having just passed the three-year anniversary, we wanted to share our original inspiration for those people who are new to wallpaper fan base and celebrate the pretty, funny, inspiring, and quirky designs that we’ve had throughout the years.
*Occasionally, you’ll see a monthly calendar embedded within the graphic. That’s a holdover from a previous rule that we’ve since abandoned. 

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