Serving Others

The spirit and energy at Clockwork inspires me to look around and ask, “What else can I do to help my colleagues, our clients, and our community?” Donating time and money to causes and communities is woven into the fabric of how we think and act. But it’s also bigger than this. We don’t value giving, we value helping. Extending a hand, an expertise, a computer, a point of view, and our experience are all ways that we serve the people around us.

I wanted to capture that attitude in this month’s blog post. In serving others, both as individuals and as a company, we have found ourselves — how we can give back to and help others. Below are just handful of organizations that we’ve partnered with in some way, sometimes with money, sometimes with time, but always with care.

The Wallpaper

Download this visual reminder of the rewards that being in the service of others can offer.

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