In 2009, after being asked to create custom tweetwalls for several events, we set out to create a tool that allowed people to easily create a tweetwall on their own — without asking a developer to help! Tweetwally was designed to help people easily follow along with the Twitter commentary during an event, without constantly staring at their phone. The first Tweetwally-powered tweetwall was projected at the 2009 Clockwork holiday party, and it was fun to see how the publicly-displayed tweets created conversation and laughs and facilitated interactions between party guests.

Clearly, it’s been working for others, too! Tweetwally has been used for events all around the world — as of today, 10,924 Tweetwalls have been created!

Over the years we’ve had lots of ideas about how to make Tweetwally even better, and today we’re excited to announce that we’re currently beta testing Tweetwally Pro! Our first partner on this crazy ride is Wits, a popular Minnesota Public Radio show whose live events are notoriously Twitter-friendly.

@Wits feedback after the first night of using Tweetwally Pro. Yay! We love happy users.

So, what is Tweetwally Pro?

Currently in beta testing, Tweetwally Pro will have an expanded set of features:

  • Moderation capabilities
  • Customized logo display
  • Multiple viewing options including ability to hide wall rules & description
  • Layout options including publishing hashtag in banner
  • Sponsorship logo display

An example of the new moderation feature.

A photo of the sponsorship area from the new Tweetwally Pro interface.

And what’s included with Standard Tweetwally?

The standard version will remain free, and have all the features it always has:

  • Seamless sign-in via Twitter
  • In-line display of images from Twitpic and yfrog
  • Customized, unique URL
  • Personalized title and description
  • Selection of themes and colors
  • 25-tweet display

If you’re interested in beta-testing Tweetwally Pro, please contact We’ll be in touch to see if it’s a good fit!