November is the time when many of us sit down with family and friends to enjoy one of the largest meals of the year: Thanksgiving dinner. The recently harvested food decorates the holiday table, making it stunning and lush. To celebrate this, I focused on the beauty of the colors, shapes, and textures of this hearty meal.  

I chose the words “give thanks” as a short and sweet reminder for all of us to recall those things we’re truly thankful for. I’m thankful for the food, all the people who gather, and the energy that goes into getting the feast to my family and me. An amazing number and variety of people grow, transport, sell, cook, and serve food to help us celebrate the purpose of this holiday: to connect with each other.

So when you bite into your roast turkey or pour a spoonful of gravy on your mashed potatoes, be thankful for the friends and family who surround you, but also remember the wonderful people who make such delicious food possible, year after year. From the local farmer who still raises turkeys in the open-air and sunshine, to the cashier who works every year on that fourth Thursday in November to help us with those last-minute food purchases. Thanksgiving is a holiday that truly connects people through a shared appreciation of food, family, and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!




Food photography by: Gentl & Hyers, Jason Lowe